Cleaning Your Thermador Oven and Thermador Refrigerator

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The holiday season is fast approaching! Hosting your family for the holidays has been a cherished tradition for many years now. Getting to see your loved one gather around, laughing and eating together, enjoying every moment of each other’s company, can keep everyone’s spirit up during the best time of the year.  However, nothing is worse or more alarming than having a malfunctioning appliance at a crucial moment when your festivity and your family’s merriment are at risk. If you are planning to host a party for your family and friends this holiday season, read on our following tips for getting your valuable Thermador oven and refrigerator ready for the holidays.

Clean and Prepare Your Oven

When it comes to an appliance that will get more of a workout or attention over the holidays, it is your oven or other cooking equipment. No matter what you cook or bake, it helps you make delicious and delectable feasts for your family.  Ovens, especially if it is a Thermador brand, should be cleaned at least twice a year or more frequently when in use regularly. However, the latest innovative ovens have a self-cleaning feature. If yours have not, many spray-on cleaners allow you to wipe away burnt food and other dirt or debris easily. Over time, the accumulated debris will compromise your oven’s efficiency.

Clean and Prepare Your Refrigerator

When doing the best to prepare the kitchen for the holiday baking season, you may have already scoured your oven or other cooking equipment. Now it is time to think about cleaning your refrigerator, so there will be much room for holiday leftovers without any musty smells or sticky spots. Use the following tips to achieve a clean refrigerator:

  • Wipe down the top, doors, and side of the refrigerator.
  • Clean the inside. Make sure the refrigerator is turned off and empty the inside.
  • Wash the shelves and bins thoroughly with warm, soapy water.
  • Clean the refrigerator coils on the back and bottom of your refrigerator.

Thermador Appliance Repair Zone: Your Trusted Thermador Appliance Repair Partner

With a clean and well-prepared Thermador refrigerator and oven, you are now ready to host holiday parties with your loved ones with ease and confidence. However, if you require an immediate Thermador refrigerator repair or Thermador oven repair to keep them working efficiently in this upcoming holiday, Thermador Appliance Repair Zone is the name! We are one of the leading appliance repair experts that specializes in troubleshooting all makes and models of the Thermador brand of cooking appliances.

Call us today (855) 719-3434! We are here to help you get ready for this upcoming holiday season!