When you buy a wine cooler, you know that it’s going to be a good investment. Like any other appliance, however, it begins to lose its efficiency and may break. Whenever your wine cooler breaks, we’re going to be there to help. That’s just what we do. 

When we take a look at a broken wine cooler, we don’t just focus on the malfunctioning part. We look deeper. When an appliance breaks, we take a look at other subcomponents because then we will find exactly what caused the problem. When a gas appliance breaks, it can be more than just one malfunctioning part. If you don’t get experts that check all other aspects of the appliance, then you could be left facing the same problem again.

Our experts show up at your home completely ready with the tools and most parts you need. Whether it’s a Thermador wine cooler or Thermador ice maker, we’ll be sure to fix it. If you need a specialized part that we don’t have on -hand, we’ll get it for you fast!