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Ever wondered how time-consuming washing your dishes by hand could be? That’s why dishwashers were invented. When your dishwasher breaks, you not only have to wash your dishes by hand but also dry them by hand!

Before you let your dirty dishes pile up on you, call us! Our Thermador Appliance Repair Zone team is ready to tackle any broken dishwasher head-on. We have certified Thermador dishwasher repair technicians. We understand their importance and work quickly to get it working again. 

Some common tips to keep your dishwasher from breaking are:

  • Don’t overload it
  • Scrape food off of the dishes before loading it into the dishwasher
  • Get a power surge protector
  • Use mild dish soap and do not put too much
Thermador Appliance Repair Zone

This bay area city is known globally as the cultural, commercial, and financial capital of Northern California. San Francisco is filled with amazing sights for everyone to enjoy. With so much excitement throughout the city, you don’t want to be suffering from a broken appliance. At Thermador Appliance Repair Zone, we provide quick and easy appliance repair in San Francisco.

Our team of highly trained technicians gives you the highest level of quality in the industry. With such a great team of pros, we can promise you reliable repairs so you can get back your peace of mind. Our fast service will ensure you get back on track with your busy day. We’re always ready to help, no matter the occasion.

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