Why Is Your Thermador Refrigerator Dripping Water?

Refrigerator Dripping Water

Do you see some signs of a refrigerator leak?  When you have a leak at home, but you are sure that it is not emanating from the dishwasher, your fridge may be the culprit. Examine underneath the refrigerator for signs of dripping water.  If you are not sure of what is the reason, check out the common causes of your refrigerator leak.

Broken Valve or Pipe 

A leak at the back of the fridge is often associated with a water valve or pipe damage that’s designed to run a water dispenser or ice maker. It is often a work for a professional technician, but you can save time by identifying the specific area that is dripping.

Defective Door Seal 

Unexpectedly, a puddle below the refrigerator may not result from a leak but too much condensation from a door not protected properly. When the rubber door seals are affected, the fridge will work harder. It will result in condensation accumulation on the coils and overtime, water leaking from the refrigerator on the kitchen floor.

Filter Connection Issues

Several refrigerators need the use of a water filter that must be changed at least twice a year. Unluckily, it can be the reason for water leaks for some causes:

  • weak supply line and filter connection
  • incorrect installation
  • inappropriate size
  • improper model
  • old or broken seals 

Clogged Defrost Drain

When the refrigerator is leaking inside, you may have a backed-up defrost drain. Modern freezers operate with a cycle of freezing and defrosting that constantly generates condensation. The remaining moisture goes down the defrost drain and is confined by the drain pan underneath the refrigerator.

A small drain is vulnerable to clogs with food scraps, ice crashes, or it can frost shut. When water accumulates from the defrost cycle, it can drip out of the fridge and on the kitchen floor. Several drain lines are located at the back of the crisper drawers. When you can easily take off the top of the drain outlet, check it out for blockages. Usually, flushing the drain with hot water will clear the drain. Once it isn’t resolved, call in a professional to do the further examination.

In some cases, it’s a daunting task to diagnose the specific source of a refrigerator leak, so a professional check from an appliance repair service like Thermador Appliance Repair Zone may be necessary.

Once you notice some liquid on the kitchen floor that is not water, but could be refrigerant, it’s recommended that you call in a technician the soonest possible time. In the refrigeration process, the mixture changes between a liquid and gas several times. When the toxic chemical leaks outside the fridge, it can result in serious health risks and must be addressed in no time.

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