Five Common Foods You Shouldn’t Put in the Fridge

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We all know that a refrigerator can preserve a lot of foods. However, some must not be exposed to chilly temperatures. For those goods, low temperatures may change their taste, texture, or even hasten decay. What foods can be adversely affected when put inside the refrigerator? From bread to coffee, our list of five (5) popular foods you shouldn’t put in the fridge may surprise you!

Here are five (5) common foods that taste better and remain preserved when not stored inside the fridge.

1) Bread

Should you put newly bought bread in the refrigerator? Though many of us want to chill our bread to keep mold at bay, its taste and texture are best preserved at room temperature. Besides, keep on doing it makes our daily staple accessible and visible, ensuring that it’s used while still fresh.

Why Not?

If you store the bread inside the refrigerator can dry it out. This may change its composition, making it taste stale and feel tough. 

2) Potatoes

Do you still need to preserve potatoes in the refrigerator? Whether they are Russets or sweet potatoes, you are advised not to restore them in your fridge. When you store the potatoes in a cold environment, their taste and texture can be permanently changed, and not for the better.

Why Not?

Potatoes are composed of complex carbohydrates that are changed when exposed to a chilly environment. When you cook the frozen potatoes, you can notice that its starches feel gritty and even causes an unnatural, sweet taste.

3) Whole Melons 

Keeping your whole or cut melons inside your refrigerator before ripening can destroy some of the benefits that make them tasty and nutritious.

Why Not?

A refrigerator has a low temperature that can surely stop the ripening process, limiting the fruit’s full range of flavor. Refrigerating your melons can also halt the development of their valuable antioxidants and makes them so healthy.

4) Tomatoes

Some of the most common and important foods not to refrigerate are tomatoes. These delicate fruits are permanently harmed by low or chilly temperatures, changing their taste and texture. 

Why Not?

Tomatoes will continue their ripening process when you put them in a warm spot right after picking them. Putting your tomatoes inside the refrigerator can stop the ripening process and also prevent the flavor from developing.

5) Coffee

Coffee includes the list of the foods that should not be refrigerated, whether they’re whole or ground. Always put in mind that when you refrigerate the coffee, it can destroy the subtle flavors that can make the difference between an average cup and a delicious one.

Why Not?

Do you know that whole beans can absorb a refrigerator’s moisture, causing condensation to form on their surface? It can absorb the bean’s flavors, leaving them tasteless and bland. Also, ground coffee runs the risk of absorbing other food odors, forever changing its taste.

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