Common Reasons Why Your Cooktop Isn’t Working


You should make sure that your cooktop is in tip-top shape every time you prepare some home-cooked meals for your family. Your cooktop needs to provide the best heating sources for creating tasty meals. However, no matter how best your cooktop performs, still, there are times that problems can occur and might require repair.

Whenever your cooking appliance or cooktop isn’t working or not working at its peak efficiency, it’s best to call a professional to help you with your concerns as soon as possible. In this blog, you will be able to know some common reasons why your cooktop isn’t turning on and how to fix them.

1) It’s not plugged in

If you notice that the outlet is working fine and you have plugged the cooktop back in, and it still isn’t working, its flaws or malfunctions are apparently related to the internal components. At this point, our team recommends that you reach out to a professional electric cooktop repair technician near you.

2) The indicator lights are not working

Most of the latest cooking appliances or cooktop are made with several indicator lights in the design of electronic displays that show you the temperature settings. If you notice indicator lights won’t turn on, the control switch is probably broken, and nothing will pop up on the displays.

Moreover, malfunctioning indicator lights are caused by the burned-out bulbs in your cooktop. However, you have nothing to worry about it because an expert appliance repair technician can replace these faulty components for you.

3) The electric coils are damaged

Same as the other kitchen appliances, electric coil burners eventually wear out, even more so when you frequently cook some food for your meal. You can inspect your electric coil burners for any cracks and bubbles on the coils.

Always put in mind that you cannot undo the damage if the electric coil is broken. All you have to do to keep your cooktop working, replace it with brand new electric coils. If you’re purchasing new coils, they must fit your unit’s burners. If they are too small or too big, these coils can encounter an electrical surge that can also produce some serious dilemmas.

4) The temperature is uncontrollable.

The problem might be with the unit’s infinite switch if you can’t adjust your burners’ temperature. Do you know that a malfunctioning infinite switch causes the burners to heat inconsistently with the settings you set them on?

Another reason why you cannot adjust your burners’ temperature is because of a burned-out internal ignition switch. In this matter, we don’t suggest you try to resolve it yourself. You have to contact a technician to resolve the issue of your Thermador cooktop.

Work with Our Experts Right Now!

After you have consumed your time with our troubleshooting tips and your cooktops are still not working well, then it’s time for one of our professional and licensed technicians at Thermador Appliance Repair Zone to head on over to take a look at your unit.

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